Vampire Dark Ages Campaign with GM Chris on February 5th, 10am to 3pm, 6 seats

Vampire Dark Ages Campaign with GM Chris on February 5th, 10am to 3pm, 6 seats

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Vampire Dark Ages 20th anniversary campaign session 2.


Transylvania Chronicles I Dark Tides Rising this game will span 800 yrs. of history, you all are young vampires of no more than 10 yrs. of vampire ages, the date is spring of 1198. Start your character before the game except don't spend freebie pts until the game.


You hear a knock at your haven, you answer your door, and it is one of your sire's servants with a letter: My Childe,

It is my wish that you join me at the market square

close by the stocks in the Castle District of Budapest on

the tenth hour of the evening of the fifteenth day of April,

the Year of Our Lord 1198. There, you shall be introduced

to an ally of mine who wishes to become your patron. Your

future might be assured should you agree to this patron’s

offer. Further, it would please me greatly for you to accept

as I have already accepted for you, pending your agreement.

Do not fail me but come at once. The bearer of this letter is

a trusted servant and will arrange transportation for you.

Your Sire


If you have any questions, we already have a campaign channel or discord me personally. House GM Chris.

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House GM Chris’s Backstory

Greeting to all!

A little about me, I am 50 years old and work full time as a receiving and shipping associate. I like to camp and disc golf when I can.

My experience with tabletop role playing games goes back 35 yrs, as a player and GM, I've played and GM from 1st edition to 5th edition D&D, also cyberpunk, Star Wars D6 and Star Wars edge of empire, white wolf system, Gurps, marvel superheroes, Alien RPG. I want to start GM’ing the Alien RPG first, Star Wars D6 and D&D5e for now.

As a House GM for RPG Dungeons Gaming Center, I will host games for RPG Dungeons as available to start and based on requests from customers who have a group and request a custom session with a House GM provided at RPG Dungeons. Please sign up for our Newsletter, Facebook Page and Discord, so you can be notified of dates and times I will be hosting at RPG Dungeons Gaming Center.

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