Who We Are


Who we are is a band of brothers that have played many different role playing, tabletop, card based and board games throughout our lives going back to our adolescent years playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, Talisman, Battle Tech, Magic The Gathering and even GURPS just to name a few.

As life went on and pulled us in different directions and into many wonderful things like careers, significant others and children, we stopped playing games together and some years only saw each other at holidays.

Then, about a year ago, one of the brothers really got back into Dungeons & Dragons 5E and even purchased the Water Deep Platinum Edition. For his birthday, instead of a party and presents, he requested we all get together and play. We were a little hesitant since it had been so long and we were so out of touch, not to mention wondering how we would work out all of our schedules to be able to meet. 

Well we managed to make it happen and then kept it going.  We met for gaming sessions about every six weeks as our days off lined up. We played all day and all night anytime we could manage to get at least three of us together for an extended period of time. This not only brought back memories and ignited an old flame in our souls for gaming, but it also brought us closer as brothers and friends. Not saying there was not the occasional argument about rules or need to remind everyone the GM has the final say even if the current GM did not know what he was talking about as we took turns acting as GM.

We got back into gaming and we started working on how to make our sessions better. We  started buying and painting miniatures, terrain, battle maps and we even had an old TV built into a display box that sat on a couple of our kitchen tables for using digital maps. We rotated hosting the game session each weekend turning each other’s living rooms inside out and providing snacks and drinks for the brave adventurers.

After all of that the fire was roaring inside all of us to get back into gaming more, which caused us to search out new groups and places to meet other gamers and play these games since our schedules only allowed us to meet once every six weeks. We quickly discovered how difficult it is to find other gamers and places to play.

We found the groups that get together at libraries and book stores, but they were limited to space and time, food and drink is typically not allowed, and you are never sure of the level of patience of the store owner when building elaborate set ups. We found the groups who meet at hobby and comic book stores and while appreciative of the space provided, wanted something more than folding tables, uncomfortable chairs and limited space.  These are all retail stores for gaming and hobby supplies rather than a Gaming Center for playing. We also wanted to bring all of our source material, terrain, battle maps, digital displays and miniatures for playing in these groups, but that was too much to load and unload not to mention there just was not room for all of our gaming gear at these types of places. We also met lots of people who were interested in gaming, but didn’t know where to start, were overwhelmed and did not want to invest a ton of money in something they were not sure they would like.

And so we decided to open RPG Dungeons Gaming Center, a space unlike any other in the area. We set out to create a gaming center focused on getting adventurers together in person to really play these games as they were meant to be played.  We wanted actual gaming tables and to share all our gaming gear with everyone, and to welcome everyone whether you are brand new to gaming or have been gaming for decades. 

I know it’s a long story, and if you made it to this point thank you for reading our story. Please head over to our How It Works page to find out more about RPG Dungeons Gaming Center and how it all comes together. Thank you,