Custom Adventures with or without a House GM


We offer custom adventures for two or more players with a House GM provided. Please email us with the date and time you would like to reserve a custom game and for how many players.

Customer can also email us here to reserve one of our custom gaming tables for their own game they would like to host that does not require a House GM. The cost is $20 per person for a five hour session. 

Please include the level and theme of the adventure you are interested in or if you would like to choose the level and leave the theme up to our GM's. The number of players in your party and if you want a half day or full day session in our main gaming area or our private room.

We will reply to your email to confirm your requested date, time and which one of our House GM's will run your adventure. The cost of a custom session is the same cost as our scheduled House GM run game sessions but with a two player minimum at $30 per person for a five hour session.