Pathfinder 1e Campaign, with House GM Beckye on Saturday, July 13th and 27thth, from 11am to 4pm, 7 Seats Maximum

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Reap What you SOW: Chapter 1 Continued

After the Crossroads Night of Chaos Campaign: Ruins of the Coast 

Sapphire’s Stalwart Scorpions has hired a bunch of adventuring teams across Golarion. They are well sought after group for protections, investigations, and some more devious things. The post sounds of intrigue, adventure and gold. You have accepted a job as a guard on a caravan to Shroudfall, a city in Molthune close to the Backar Forest, you work for head scorpion over this trip, Captain Miles. As a secondary venture, not far from there is Ozgata Ruins in which you have been offered to retrieve a silver and sapphire dragon figurine.

Tragedy, action and adventure await. The undead have begun to make their move. The Ecophage were eliminated at the Crossroads but several party members names have come up in The Whispering Way’s correspondence. What do they want with you? Do you think you will ever know?

Roleplay heavy, rules light. Combat, Puzzles, and mysteries to solve, fun for all. Characters will start at level 8 with maximum hit points and starting gold. One free +2 weapon and one free +2 piece of armor. Magic equivalent to fast track advancement. If you would like to get with me via discord message before the game, I can help you create your own character.

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Hey All,

I am Beckye Harper, have been playing D&D since the first box set. I moved to Dallas a while ago, before that I was in Austin and did some playtesting for Steve Jackson Games. I have been a game master for the D&D 1st edition through D&D 3.5, Pathfinder 1st Edition and Clay-O-Rama (Dragon Magazine #125). I have game mastered live-action events such as Vampire and Werewolf.

My convention experience running games such as the RPG tournament at the Origins that was held in Fort Worth in which a paladin bowed down to a demon. That same con, which surprised the heck out of me, I was also doing a one-shot based on Narnia’s silver chair which Gary Gygax played in and loved it. I have run overnight D&D 3.5 games at several Dalcon conventions, game mastered several games for my regular group, and ran a sanctioned RPGA Fluffy (the famous little white dog) adventure at Project A-Kon. Most of my games are based on books that I have read. Some of these are The Silver Chair (Chronicles of Narnia), And Eternity (Piers Anthony Incarnations of Immortality series), and An Amusing Tale (based on Greek mythology specifically Muses).

My philosophy on game mastery is simple, games should be entertaining, challenging, and fun for everyone including the gm and the players. I am available upon request to run games for groups and custom gaming sessions. If you have a specific idea for a game, I can customize the game to your needs.

Thanks, and Have Fun!