NEW Learn-to-Play, Cybermetal 2012 by World Champ, with House GM Ben, on Sunday July 30th, from 4pm to 9pm, 5 Seats Maximum

About this experience

GOOD MORNING PENTAGRAM CITY!! This is your lovely host Gnasher Priest, coming at you live from our most recent Battle of the Bands! A new up and comer band, Feast at Lobotomy, went up against THE PIT. It even looked like Feast was going to win until the lead guitarist of The Pit held up a blood coin and crushed it, summoning their legendary 6fh band member $@%*& who proceeded to play the most lethal rift I had ever heard! Half the audience gave up the ghost, and the Feast, well lets just say they... got eaten. Next up we have news on the wars between the boroughs and Weird Man Dan will tell us about his theories on how the band Death Agent disappeared, about how the Disc showed up, and who is $@%*& dating now?!

This is pentagram city, a hyper anarchy zone created when the gates of hell opened in Michigan, sometime in the 1980s. This city has been sectioned off by giant firewalls (literal walls of fire) on all sides, leaving the people inside to deal with hell itself. Those people? Well they turned to Metal music, of course.
In this game a group of 4-5 players will form a band and go from lowly head bangers, thrashers or rat folk to the best band in the city. Sabotaging other bands, forming gangs, and cutting deals with the devils themselves. Nothing is off limits in the city on fire. 

This game will run on a mix of CyberMetal 2012 and Blades in the Dark. For the initial arc, I am planning a run of 3 sessions with a bonus session 0, as we are all going to be new to CyberMetal 2012 and some of us will be new to Blades in the Dark.

Your Host

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My name is Ben and I have been playing and GM’ing for 6 years now in both home and professional games. I have played a range of games from Blades in the dark to God Bound but I find that games that focus heavily on storytelling and narrative aspects, over mechanics, are my preference.

I welcome all players to my table and especially those that are new to the game, I have taught in a variety of fields and love bringing new people to all the games I play.

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Safe travels and remember to watch the trees.