New Dread 1-Shot, with House GM Mary on Monday, October 23rd, from 6pm to 11pm, 7 Seats Maximum

About this experience

The Lost and The Found :

It was just a routine mission…until the hulking mass of the Erebus VII loomed into the viewfinder. Captain said the crew needed to board the derelict vessel, so that’s what we did. Everything inside is covered by a strange gray dust and is giving off low but pervasive radiation readings...

Can the crew solve the mystery of what happened to the Erebus VII and get back to their own ship in time…before the tower falls? 

This game uses an adaptation of the rules for the TTRPGs Dread and Starhold to make a unique play experience rife with space-horror themes. Players should note that this game will likely include body-horror, tight enclosed spaces, drug use/abuse, and the void of space. Other potentially uncomfortable topics may also come up, so please let the GM know what scenarios or experiences you would like left out of the game.

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House GM Mary’s Backstory

Hail and well met, my dudes! My name is Mary Margaret and I've been running a variety of TTRPGs for 12+ years. My favorite games are Powered by the Apocalypse games, and I love to GM for Dungeons & Dragons (5e and 3.5) as well as silly one-page one-shot RPGs like Lasers and Feelings, Honey Heist, and others.

Whenever I GM, I am the party's biggest fan (though that doesn't mean my phasers are set to stun) and I love to add elements of lore, world- and character-building that ensure everyone has a good time.

If you create TTRPGs and want to get groups to playtest your latest creations, I am happy to work with you! If you are a player looking to get involved in a new kind of game, I'm excited to be a guide for you! If you are a veteran and want to play the same character you've played for fifteen years, I am psyched to be able to be a part of that journey with you.

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