New D&D 5e Dragons of Icespire Peak, with House GM Bradley, Starts on Wednesday, February 21st, from 6:30pm to 11:30pm, 5 Seats Maximum

About this experience

Dragon of Icespire Peak -

The area south of Neverwinter has grown unusually cold and rainy. There are reports of orcs raiding farms, goblins ambushing travelers on the road, whispers of a hag making cursed bargains. But maybe the most worrisome news is of a dragon that has been spotted terrorizing the countryside, attacking at random, and leaving destruction in its wake. The frontier town of Phandalin finds itself in the midst of all these troubles and has sent out a call for aid! 

Will you let this battered little town be engulfed in its troubles? Will you miss the chance to prove yourself a hero to the downtrodden? Will you pass up the chance to earn a boat-load of treasure?

If not, join GM Bradley on Wednesday, February 21st at 6:30pm to play the DnD5e adventure of the Dragon of Icespire Peak! It is a 1st to 6th level adventure set in the Forgotten Realms. And just to make things a bit interesting, I’d like to invite you to try out some fun homebrewed rules with me. Some, inspired by Baulder’s Gate 3!

Character creation:
Use any Non-legacy race published by Dungeons and Dragons
Pick any officially published Dungeons and Dragons class and subclass
Use Point-buy for stats
Use Fixed Hit Points
You can take a feat at level 1 if your race doesn’t already provide one
Feel free to use the Optional Class features 

Homebrewed Rules:

Your Host

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RPG Dungeons House GM Bradley’s Backstory.

Hi, I'm Bradley, I've been running Dungeons and Dragons games for about 2 years now! I'm having a blast, learning a ton, and excited to play with new folks! I love the crazy stories and challenging combat, but most of all I love helping adventurers become heroes!

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