New D&D 5e Campaign: Keepers Fable, with House GM Myka on Thursday, July 11th and 25th, from 6pm to 11pm, 6 Seats Maximum

About this experience

New Homebrew World Campaign-
The Fable of the Keepers:

  You have been recruited by the Keepers. The world wide organization dedicated to helping when others cannot. With your rare and unique powers and abilities you stand above the rest when it comes to . . . “unique” approaches to problem solving. Each squad consists of a handful of people, sent out to aid where more common people cannot.

  Newly recruited and tossed together, The Head of the Keepers’ way of teaching is trial by fire, you and the rest of your unit have been sent on your first mission. How will you solve the magical mayhem of Gruth?

   This is a D&D 5th Edition based game designed to be a recurring/ongoing campaign, with various plot arcs. An arc might be concluded in one session, it might take far longer. Likely it will take longer as levels progress and the chaos your party is sent out to quell becomes more and more chaotic. We will start at Level 2, and run from there!

Your Host

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Hello and Welcome to... Oh wait, we aren’t there yet, are we?

Anyway! I’m Myka, and I’ve been running D&D campaigns on and off for a decade and a half, no I’m not that old, just started that young.
D&D has been a mainstay for me over the years through thick and thin, hard times and great times, it’s been there for me. I know how much fun it can be, how cathartic and freeing it is to be someone you’ve never been, to explore sides of you that you might not get to otherwise, through an outlet like Dungeons and Dragons. 5e is my baby, and I’ve been running a homebrew campaign for it for almost 5 years straight now, and would love to share my worlds with others. Worlds where a Paladin can smite the evil god who stole everything. Where your Rogue can hide and steal those precious stones, and actually get away with it. Where your Monk can aim to restore peace before a war breaks out. Where you can be what you want to be and help save the world.
I could blather on, but the important bit is that I enjoy making my own worlds for players, and use the rules of 5e to help people play through them. My world is your sandbox, let’s see where this thing goes together, yeah?