D&D 5E Talandra Campaign A with GM Mike on February 23rd, 6pm to 11pm, 6 seats

D&D 5E Talandra Campaign A with GM Mike on February 23rd, 6pm to 11pm, 6 seats

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The Seas of Talandra on the world Talandra there are many island nations that formed over the years. Every kingdom carved out its own history with blood and might. There is a rare time of uneasy peace among the nations. Adventures have been called as the news spreads, the seas have calmed for the first time in known history, war has come to an end, and new stars have appeared in the sky. Change is has come to the land, what part will you take in what is to come?


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RPG Dungeons House GM Michaels’s Backstory.

My name is Michael and I have 20 years + of GM'ing experience (yes i know that makes me old). My favorite systems are Pathfinder First Edition (1E), plus a mix of Dungeons & Dragons and White Wolf.

My method of storytelling welcomes new players as well as seasoned adventurers. Ranging from simple to complex stories players enjoy from a single session to finding out more and more secrets and wonders over many sessions. If your group has a custom request, I can adjust and adapt to the style you prefer. Most of all, I try to provide a story that will keep you coming back.

My GM'ing style is what I like to call a Player-driven story-focused sandbox world. I use my own worlds and stories and try to focus more on player goals, actions and accomplishments. Where the goal is to have fun and provide an experience the players are not stuck with only one path to follow, where creative thinking and ideas can go far, and the changes or impact players make in the world stay for them to see in later games. Thus, much of the world is based on players actions, and past games.

As a House GM for RPG Dungeons Gaming Center I will host games for RPG Dungeons as available to start and based on requests from customers who have a group and request a custom gaming session with a House GM provided at RPG Dungeons. Please sign up for our Newsletter, Facebook Page and Discord, so you can be notified of dates and times I will be hosting games at RPG Dungeons Gaming Center.