D&D 5e MEGADUNGEON: Gauntlet of The Fates, Full House Event, with House GMs Astrid, Kairi Celeste, and Jeri on Sunday, February 18th, from 10am to 3pm, 18 Seats Maximum (Over All 3 Tables)

About this experience

MEGADUNGEON : Gauntlet of The Fates

Character Level = 12
Stats = Point Buy or Standard Array
Magic Items = Uncommon x3, and Rare x1
Gold = "We spared no expense."
Special = Characters should have a desire to ask of the Fates something they need Divine Intervention for, and we will provide for their character, if they pass our gauntelt.

Face "The Fates" themselves as you attempt to alter the course of destiny by overcoming a 5-Room Gauntlet.

Your team of adventurers will face corporal punishment from the Goddesses who weave the fabric of fate.  Creation, Love, Morality, Chaos, and Death each present you with challenges that will test your skill, might, cleverness and heart. Convince them of your worthiness, or doom yourself to a fate worse than death...

This will be a Full-House, GM Switching, Event.
Your "Party" will be Divined Randomly before the start of the event.

Your Host

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Astrid :
Astrid is a cosplayer, fantasy nerd, and a founding member of "Five Sided Fates". She professionally DMs for D20 cruises, and helps run/organize the D&D community room at FanExpo and FanFestival. A fan of big monsters and NPCs with big personalities, Astrid likes to balance role play and combat to collectively tell epic stories with the players at her table.

Kairi Celeste :
Kairi Celeste (KC) is a jack of all trades when it comes to the world of D&D. She’s the CEO of Five Sided Fates, Creator of the "SpeedyRPG" card game, Dungeon Master for over 10 years, and an Award-Winning Cosplayer. KC is all about collaborative storytelling and the “Rule of Cool”, utilizing everything D&D has to offer to give her players the chance to become epic adventurers…or die trying.

Jeri :
Jeri is a cosplayer and founding member of Five Sided Fates. Her journey into Dungeons & Dragons began in 2017. Since 2022, Jeri has dedicated herself to enriching the D&D community experience at events like FanExpo and FanFestival. Her role as an organizer of the D&D community room has provided a platform for players to connect, share stories, and immerse themselves in the fantastical world of tabletop gaming.

Driven by an unwavering enthusiasm for Dungeons & Dragons, Jeri considers herself an evangelist for the hobby. She thrives on introducing newcomers to the game, delighting in the process of converting them into avid adventurers. For Jeri, the heart of D&D lies in cooperative storytelling. With a love for drama Jeri revels in the dynamic narratives that unfold during gameplay. Whether navigating interparty conflicts or teasing out romantic tension, she finds joy in the collaborative storytelling experience that D&D offers.