D&D 5e Learn-to-Play, Stormwreck Isle: Part 3, Level 3, with House GM Ramon, Sunday August 6th, from 10am to 3pm, 6 Seats Maximum

About this experience

This game will be Session #3 of the Stormwreck Isle Adventure. House GM Ramon is using this module as a teaching tool in a Learn-to-Play game for beginners. 

Level 3 Means Sub-Classes. This is when you decide what kind of Fighter, Monk, Barbarian, Rogue, or whatever you'd like to be. Will you choose to be an Echo-Knight, Follow the Way of the Astral-Self, go down the Path of the Berserker, or become the Mastermind of the party?

If you would like to join this adventure, please book your ticket and contact House GM Ramon, or RPGD Matthew on the RPG Dungeons discord. We can add you to the chat, get you connected with character generation resources, and most importantly introduce you to the rest of your party.

If you would like to create your character before hand, please use either Standard Array, or Point Buy, for your Stat Block. Starting Equipment is what you will have on you, at the beginning of the game. Don't forget to wear/weild/equip all of your stuff.

Your Host

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I've been playing Dungeons & Dragons for two years now and it has been one of the most fun things I've gotten to experience in my life. I've gotten to be a DM for adventures ranging from the far away and mystical to the dark and horrifying. I've played lighthearted games, serious games, tense games and casually hangout games so if there's one thing I've learned as a DM, it's versatility.

In my games, I have fair yet challenging combat where the players can succeed if they're smart and resourceful. I then give the players an aftermath time to roleplay and react to whatever had just happened and plan for whatever may come next. I love a good story and encourage my players to not only be a part of the main story but to also have their own that weaves within the main narrative. I give each player their "moment to shine" and make sure everyone at the table has their own spotlight.