D&D 5e Dungeon of the Mad Mage, with House GM Hayley on Saturdays of January 6th and 20th, from 10am to 3pm, 6 Seats Maximum

About this experience

The Mad Mage of Undermountain is not seeing visitors at this time. Don't come down because... uh, we're renovating and everything is a mess. You won't find any Treasure, and the Buffet is closed until Further Notice. (Ye Gods, where did all these Githyanki come from? As if the Mind Flayers weren't bad enough.) What's that?  YOU THINK YOU CAN PLUNDER MY HOME AND GET AWAY WITH IT? HA! You don't have the experience points, Adventurer.

Undermountain is the largest, deepest dungeon in the Forgotten Realms. This is a multi-session dungeon crawl of 23 levels of dungeon, plus Skullport.
Unermountain has alterations to magic: teleport and planar travel spells won't work in the dungeon, don't try. Same with Banishment. Summoning is fine, yes, bring the monsters to a place they cannot leave.

Character Level = 9
Currently exploring levels 1,2 and 3 of Undermountain. (plans to delve deeper)

Ability score spread: 18,16,14,13,10, 8
Starting equipment, plus trade out for whatever choice of armor you want (if you want plate, have plate) 500gp (can use to buy whatever from Adventuring Gear table for table price) Reg Healing potions are 50gp, Greater Healing Potions 100gp.
1 Uncommon Magic Item, I rare magic item. 
Please, for character prep, have a reason as to why your character decided to adventure into Undermountain (most likely alone) and why you're looking to "make friends" to continue exploring further.

Default reasoning: There be treasure and adventure down there in the dark.

Your Host

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House GM Hayley’s Backstory

Greetings Travelers,

What fanciful tales do you bring to the altar of adventure?

My name is Hayley and I have been a Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast since 2015 when my local board and card gaming group decided to take the risk and give tabletop gaming a try. I have been running D&D 5e games as a GM since 2016.

The reason I enjoy tabletop games so much is the experience of cooperative storytelling. The ideas and stories that develop from players are just as entertaining to me as a high fantasy novel series. I love running games for new players as well as games for veterans looking to get their latest game fix. I look forward to meeting everyone and telling epic stories together.

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