D&D 5e Campaign, Lost Wanderings in the Witchlight (Session #4 and #5) Level 2, with House GM Hayley on July 8th and 22nd, from 4pm to 9pm, 6 Seats Maximum

About this experience

“Mind the Rule of Three: future, present, past.” said Mister Witch. “Find the alicorn and free the dormant queen at last.” said Mister Light.
- From Wild Beyond the Witchlight / Wizards of the Coast

Player info:
A Dungeons and Dragons 5e adventure leveling 1 through 8 where players explore a corrupted realm of the Feywild in an attempt to uncover the mystery of a missing Archfey who guards the innocence and wonder of childhood.

Not all is what it seems. Whimsy can cloak malevolence. Something monstrous could be kind. Truth is hidden. Joy is twisted.

Possible Sensitive Subject Matters:
Themes of this campaign will deal with abiding by strange societal contracts, using wit and cunning to overcome obstacles, struggling against those who take advantage of naivety, recovering lost moments and memories, consequences of corrupted bargains, and facing the threat of losing your free will.

The table is open to players of all experience levels.
This Session is at Level 2.

Level 1 base stats:
point buy or standard array.

starting equipment from your class and background
in addition to personality traits, please also have a Bond titled "Lost thing" 
**Please contact House GM Hayley before showing up for the session to determine what that lost thing was.**
Bond - Lost thing:
You have a dim memory of sneaking into the Witchlight Carnival as a child without paying for a ticket. While visiting you lost something. Now, for reasons you can’t explain, the longing to retrieve that which you have lost has resurfaced, as though an old spell has faded away, allowing you to feel the loss as sharply as if it happened yesterday.

Your Host

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House GM Hayley’s Backstory

Greetings Travelers,

What fanciful tales do you bring to the altar of adventure?

My name is Hayley and I have been a Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast since 2015 when my local board and card gaming group decided to take the risk and give tabletop gaming a try. I have been running D&D 5e games as a GM since 2016.

The reason I enjoy tabletop games so much is the experience of cooperative storytelling. The ideas and stories that develop from players are just as entertaining to me as a high fantasy novel series. I love running games for new players as well as games for veterans looking to get their latest game fix. I look forward to meeting everyone and telling epic stories together.