D&D 5e 1-Shot (Level 3), Yuletide Gala, with House GM Jessica on Saturday, December 23rd, from 4pm to 9pm, 6 Seats Maximum

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The Yuletide Gala : Level 3

Castle Kolbeck had always been known as a palace of festivity and debauchery. It exists on top of a snowy mountain and one might think this would keep prospective party goers from coming and going to their various galas and shindigs, but this was not the case. The Kolbeck family was full of talented mages and created teleportation circles in several hub cities to make travel easier on their friends. 

They recently held their biggest party of the year, The Yuletide Gala, and while this party has been known to go long at times, no one has come back from party in weeks. Eventually, authorities from each city tried to investigate but the teleportation circles have all gone dormant.

Friends and families of the gala goers have grown increasingly worried and the loudest among them Duke Engard has set out a search for any mercenaries who would be willing to take up the task to climb up the mountain, investigate what has happened at Castle Kolbeck,and ideally bring back his daughter, Aisha, safely.

Character creation guidelines:
-Level 3
-Point Buy
- choice of 1 free feat or 1 uncommon magic item
-NO variant human or custom lineage
-basic starting equipment

Please feel free to message me with any questions, @HouseGMJessica , on the RPG Dungeons discord server.

Your Host

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Hi fellow goblins!

I am Jessica (or Jess for short) and I have been a DnD player for several years and have ran campaigns on and off for friends. I have ran both Pathfinder and DnD 5e with a bit of a personal preference for DnD 5e.
DnD has been a true favorite past time for me to stretch the creative muscles and bring people together.

As a GM, I believe it is important to strike a balance between challenging players and letting them have their hero(or villain!) moment. I like to dig into backstories and get people truly involved in the story they are building as group. Want to send me your thesis on your character? Have at it! Now lets roll the dice and see how this character you dreamed up fares!