D&D 3.5: Savage Tides, with House GM Katrina on Fridays of March 1st, 15th and 29th, from 7pm to 12am, 6 Seats Maximum

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D&D 3.5 : Savage Tides

In the Savage Tide Adventure Path, your characters are destined to face a wide range of dangerous monsters, hostile terrain, murderous organizations, and sinister magic. Yet before you set off , you’ll need to know where your character is from. This campaign begins in the exotic port city of Sasserine, and it is here that the foundations of your character will be laid. The City of Sasserine is perched on the edge of the known world, the last stop before the endless expanse of the Amedio Jungle. It is a hub of trade, and home to more than fifteen thousand souls, a bastion of civilization in a realm haunted by piracy, disease, violent weather, and monsters. 

Sasserine itself is governed by a group of seven noble families called the Dawn Council, each representing one of the city’s seven districts. Likewise, each district has a common church or faith shared by many of its citizens. When you create your character, you should bear the nature of your district’s nobility and religion in mind, although you aren’t required to pick the same deity or ally your interests with those of your council representative.

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House GM Katrina’s Backstory.

Well hello, Heroes!

My name is Katrina. I have been playing RPGs since about 2005. I got into 5e 4 years ago. I realized that the creativity from Dungeons and Dragons as well as other TTRPGs is vast and only limited by your imagination.

I've been running a 5e Wildemount campaign for a year now. I prefer to utilize the setting of a book rather than running the adventure
"as written" so it's never the same experience twice. I run very open world games where the players dictate where you go.

I like to adhere to the rules of whatever system we are playing but, the rule of cool definitely exists with me. I run difficult encounters with a high-risk high reward system. So, let's kill some monsters and explore some dungeons!

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