House GM Trace

House GM Trace’s Backstory


Howdy folks!

I'm Trace! I've been playing D&D and TTRPGs since 2017, and since then it has grown to become my most beloved hobby! I graduated from Trinity University (San Antonio, TX) in 2021 with a degree in Theatre and Music. While there, I co-founded TriniD&D, Trinity's Dungeons and Dragons club, in 2017 and was president during the 2020-2021 school year. I am currently a member of the Dallas Symphony Chorus and perform in various community theatres around DFW as well!


Much like what I studied in school, my favorite part about TTRPGs is the exploration of character. The player's character is a creation entirely of their own—a completely new being that now exists in a world where eight people around a table can make anything possible. I celebrate when my players go deep into their character's backstory and the means of why and how they adventure, as it leads to dramatic and exciting gameplay all around! I strongly believe that a huge part of the game is its theatricality and its performative aspects, and so I love to incorporate fun props, music, and wacky characters into my games. I would be honored to share the table with you, and I hope we can play a game together sometime soon! Thanks a bunch!