Twilight 2000 Zombie Apocalypse adventure with House GM Zoey on February 27th at 4pm.

House GM Zoey will host a Zombie Apocalypse adventure in the Twilight 2000 system on February 27th from 4pm to 9pm.

About this experience

Reserve your seat for our first Twilight 2000 game session hosted by House GM Zoey.

Twilight 2000
Its 2021 and the Covid-19 has mutated far beyond what any sciences could have believed. Victims first went mad, immune to pain and then go into a homicidal rage. There are even reports of deseeded patients coming back to life. Suddenly as a local National Guardsman or Active Duty Trooper you find yourself in the middle of a Walking Dead World.

Using the Twilight Light 2000 rules the party may choose to play as one of 2 types of charters.
Rolling the charter.
1. Roll up a standard TL 2000 charter with a rolled background and history, and be assigned to an active duty unit. Spend one enlistment or an entire career.
2, Be You. This is the most popular. Your life and background. Depending on your age you enlisted in the National Guard x many years ago. Maybe you had a deployment, or just spent time drilling here in Dallas. So, you play you. Your history, your skills, in addition to your guard training of course. See if you have what it takes to survive the Zombie apocalypse.
The Party is assigned to work with a FEMA / Homeland Security Field Hospital in Dallas when season 1 starts. From then on, its your script.

Your Host

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Zoey Old Time GM’s Backstory

Hi, I'm Zoey and I have been gaming and GM’ing well, let’s say longer than most gamers have been driving.

As a Gm I have 4 unbendable rules.
1. Everybody at the table has fun and gets a chance to play. The GM must control the pace as well as Rules Lawyers, Player Nazis, and never be a table dictator so locked in on their own story line that it takes freedom of action and free will from the players. Players should be perfectly free to do dumb things and move outside the given narrative, but I but really, really LOVE (with a capital L) love it when a player outsmarts the GM.

2. Players PLAY THEIR OWN CHARTER. Bob the Player: We are jumping out of the truck and forming a perimeter to lay fire at the zombies. GM Me: No, you are jumping off the truck into the hoard, Jane you have the next inactivate roll. As driver what are you doing as Bob flings himself from the speeding 2 1/2 ton. I am very strict on this on. EVERYONE gets a chance to play and be part of the chance to get horribly killed...err I mean play

3. Know your charter sheet and keep up with your own abilities. I cut low level and new players a lot of slack. I mean I am a reasonable kind of gal. But old head players and well establish charters, keep your stuff together

4. And lastly and the most important foundation rule of all. I CAN BE BRIBED... MY GM COMPASS SPINES LIKE A SENATORS VOTE ON A NEW BILL. I believe they call it being open to new ideas and information.

I hope this gives you an idea of how I play. Fun and companionship are the goal. Leave politics and all your cares at the door for a couple of hours and lets clear the zombies from Dallas, and go where no one has gone before, to a galaxy far away in order to stop that Werewolf Art thief from flooding the market with cheap imitations.

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