Godbound, with House GM Ben on Saturdays of Ju13th and 27th, from 5pm to 10pm, 6 Seats Maximum

About this experience

There is a buzzing in New York. Not the bankers and presidents running to and fro in Manhattan, not the subway cars moving like colossal snakes on iron veins. These things are humdrum. No, this buzz, this stillness, you will find in the back of your neck, it is in your periphery, it is in the lack of bird call. The rats that have chosen to stay hidden this morning. The Hudson shifts anxiously from bank to bank, the sun blinks. One Hand snaps… And 6 students awake in their beds sweating gold. 

    In this world you have been charged with great and terrible purpose, as your divinity settles upon your shoulders you must decide who you will be, the great protector, the nurturer, the ground breaker? Or perhaps the insatiable avarice, the destructive power of control, or something else entirely… The ancient gods are stirring in New York, their courts even now come to bear.

    A narrative driven game where the players will define themselves and the world they are exploring with their choices and actions.

Your Host

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My name is Ben and I have been playing and GM’ing for 6 years now in both home and professional games. I have played a range of games from Blades in the dark to God Bound but I find that games that focus heavily on storytelling and narrative, over mechanics, are my preference. I welcome all players to my table and especially those that are new to the game, I have taught in a variety of fields and love bringing new people to all the games I play.

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