D&D 5e One-Shot Level 2 Adventure TGMIF with GM Mary on December 16th, 7pm to 12am, 6 seats

D&D 5e One-Shot Level 2 Adventure TGMIF with GM Mary on December 16th, 7pm to 12am, 6 seats

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You've heard that opening a book is like opening a portal to another world, so you've long assumed that Candlekeep Library must be a truly spectacular waystation for adventure. The fortress, atop a cliff that overlooks the Sword Sea, just south of Baldur's gate, holds Faerun's grandest collection of written knowledge.

To its keepers, that knowledge is the beginning and end of civilization itself. To you, a wandering thrill-seeker, these dusty old tomes could turn out to be so much more interesting than all that...

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House GM Mary’s Backstory

Hail and well met, my dudes! My name is Mary Margaret and I've been running a variety of TTRPGs for 12+ years. My favorite games are Powered by the Apocalypse games, and I love to GM for Dungeons & Dragons (5e and 3.5) as well as silly one-page one-shot RPGs like Lasers and Feelings, Honey Heist, and others.

Whenever I GM, I am the party's biggest fan (though that doesn't mean my phasers are set to stun) and I love to add elements of lore, world- and character-building that ensure everyone has a good time.

If you create TTRPGs and want to get groups to playtest your latest creations, I am happy to work with you! If you are a player looking to get involved in a new kind of game, I'm excited to be a guide for you! If you are a veteran and want to play the same character you've played for fifteen years, I am psyched to be able to be a part of that journey with you.

As a House GM for RPG Dungeons Gaming Center, I will host games for RPG Dungeons and available by requests from customers who have a group and request a custom gaming session with a House GM provided at RPG Dungeons. Please sign up for our Newsletter, Facebook Page, and Discord, so you can be notified of dates and times I will be hosting games at RPG Dungeons Gaming Center.