D&D 5E Fallen Stars Campaign B with GM Matthew on September 29th, 6pm to 11pm, 4 seats

D&D 5E Fallen Stars Campaign B with GM Matthew on September 29th, 6pm to 11pm, 4 seats

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Some hundreds of years ago, the Algernon Academy for Adventurers was erected to encircle the Grandmother Tree Stump. It was originally supposed to be a garrison against the denizens of a strange and curious dungeon. The only door to which was discovered nestled between the enormous roots at the foot of the stump. This all being far East of Waterdeep, in the High Forest, South of The Star Mounts mountain range, on a high cliff overlooking the East bank of the Unicorn Run River. The crew of the garrison began using the dungeon to train their apprentices. Over a seemingly short amount of time, it became quite well known for producing from its halls those who would go on to gain great renowned for their accomplishments in life. Be it as adventurers, scholars, entertainers, inventors, or even politicians. Thus, it was recategorized as an academy and renamed for the original captain of the garrison, a wizened sage named Algernon. 

However, just 2 weeks ago, a call went out from the academy to the Adventuring Guilds along the Sword Coast. No details were given as to why. This is rather strange for multiple reasons. Not the least of which being that they train adventurers there. But what footloose being of the world, in their right mind, would pass up a chance to possibly be allowed access to delve into the depths of the infamous Grandmother Tree Stump Dungeon. As well, the contacts that could be made at the academy would serve any traveler well.

You are picked up by a Half-Elven bard, Gibbly Grapely. You know him by reputation alone. He amassed a large following of fans, over the years, almost all thanks to his hit song "Kara-Turian Skies". You, Gibbly, and his horses Buck and Bob traverse the Sword Coast, on his custom-made stage/coach, collecting the others who have decided to answer this call for assistance from the Algernon Academy for Adventurers. Eventually, on the final leg of your travel, you all make your way East into the High Forest. As you near the bridge to cross the West Fork of the Unicorn Run River, ROLL INITIATIVE....


For any questions regarding this game session please contact RPGD Matthew on our Discord. 

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