Call of Cthulhu One-Shot with GM James on October 29th, 4pm to 9pm, 7 seats

Call of Cthulhu One-Shot with GM James on October 29th, 4pm to 9pm, 7 seats

About this experience

The Dare 

The Old Barnaker House. Every kid has heard about it. Everybody has a different awful story about it. All of them agree it is a very bad place. But here you are on Halloween Night, all because of that jerk Roger. He dared you and your friends to spend the night there. You couldn’t let him bully you. You will show him who is chicken! Everybody knows that there are no such things as ghosts... right? Get your slingshot and your pocketknife. Grab some candy and ready your Rubik’s Cube. You and your friends are going to go face-to-face with the horrors of the Barnaker House. Hopefully you will live to see the dawn.

Join us for a special Halloween-themed Call of Cthulhu one-shot in which you and your companions will become a group of neighborhood kids investigating the local haunted house in a classic adventure by Kevin Ross which has been updated to use the Call of Kid-thulhu ruleset by Bret Kramer. Pre-generated characters will be provided.

Please reach out to House GM James on Discord with any questions.

Your Host

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House GM James Backstory

Greetings programs!

I was hooked on RPGs the very first time I sat down with my friend Connor and rolled up an Elf using TSR’s Basic D&D, aka the Red Box. Since that time, I have played in and/or run games of four of the five editions of the world’s most popular role-playing game, Shadowrun (1st-4th eds.), Cyberpunk, Legend of the Five Rings (1st ed.), Seventh Sea (1st ed.), Call of Cthulhu, and several oWoD White Wolf games, among others.

As for my GM’ing style, I like to center the characters in the story and let everything emanate from there with the players driving the tone of the table itself. I enjoy running games that run the gamut from light-hearted romps to dark suspense to everything in between and as an avocational folk lorist and historian, I enjoy bringing obscure folk lore or an embarrassing amount of research to the gaming table.