House GM Alexander

House GM Alexander’s Backstory

I've been playing TTRPG's for around 10 years now and have played Pathfinder, Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, among other games. I found a home with Pathfinder and the Paizoverse. For the past 3 years, I have been running games for Paizo Society play (for both Pathfinder and Starfinder) along with a homebrew game. While I have specialized in Pathfinder, the game knowledge gained has allowed me to become versatile for other games.

My GM style is very Player Driven, as I specialized in introducing new players to TTRPGs. I tend to use pre-written adventures as a base but adapt very quickly to the table and can match the tone of the game. I've come to appreciate out of the box planning and letting the story grow beyond the module.

As a House GM for RPG Dungeons Gaming Center I will host games for RPG Dungeons and available by requests from customers who have a group and request a custom gaming session with a House GM provided at RPG Dungeons. Please sign up for our Newsletter, Facebook Page and Discord, so you can be notified of dates and times I will be hosting games at RPG Dungeons Gaming Center.

 Thank you,