Custom Gaming Tables

We have four custom gaming tables.  Three are in our main gaming area and one is in a private gaming room. Our custom gaming tables are four feet wide and seven feet long powder coated metal tables with inset 55” digital displays in all four of our tables. Each table provides ten power ports for players, a dedicated laptop to run digital maps and additional HDMI cable for players who bring their own media for the digital displays. Our tables comfortably seat six and have removable side tables at each seat for food, drinks, laptops, books and so on. We provide comfortable chairs for all of our players and encourage our players to bring food and drinks or have food delivered. We have some drinks and snacks available for purchase as well.

  • We recommend that customers book tables as a group and can use the RPG Dungeons Discord to find a group if needed. 
  • Customer can connect to our discord below and use our looking-for-group section to find other players.
  • Our tables seat six customers and if your group would like the table exclusively we recommend purchasing all six seats or be open to other players joining your table and game session.